Social PR & Marketing

We believe every good story has a home in today’s media. Then we take it further.

Our PR approach ensures stories are shared socially and used in marketing collateral in order to maximize reach and frequency. Read about our proprietary Premo Social PR Process.

It’s all about social

This is no longer a buzz phrase; it’s the truth. We’ve discovered our niche by trailblazing a new way to do PR. Our team has decades of high-level experience working with media. Cultivating relationships and understanding how story placement works will always matter. But today, developing a social media strategy is as important.

Working with digital media experts, we’ve refined and created a proprietary process that strategically uses social media as a platform to springboard media placement. Consider it the “yin and yang” of PR – earned-media placement must have a social component.


Strategic Social Public Relations

We secure the news articles you need and help you leverage the impact

  • Create and execute a strategic public relations plan that takes into account the influencers you need to reach in order to achieve your business or nonprofit goal
  • Discover and tell your stories to targeted media
  • Write news messages, communications documents, news releases, statements, speeches; provide copy-editing
  • Issue advocacy campaigns

Initiative and Startup Launches

We secure an effective media splash to help you

  • Create and execute strategic communications strategy to get your initiative or startup noticed by key media and stakeholders
  • Align client’s owned-media channels to support earned-media placement
  • Create and execute story pitches with targeted traditional and nontraditional outlets
  • Prepare spokespeople with messaging
  • Create and executive press conference or special stakeholder events
  • Work with social media teams to ensure story proliferation