Crisis Communications

There’s a reason that the Chinese character for crisis also means “opportunity.”

crisisAny organization can face an emergency or crisis that challenges its reputation. It’s important to prepare for unpredictable and predictable events – and to respond promptly and adequately, to minimize disruption to operations and keep all stakeholders informed until the issue is resolved.

A crisis can have immediate or long-term impact on the public perception of your organization. How you handle it – and how you find the “opportunity” – makes all the difference.

We train your executive team and spokespeople to manage a crisis with confidence. We give them a plan that keeps sound judgment in place and calms stakeholders with accurate information so that your organization emerges competent. And we respond anywhere around the world to support your team at that crucial moment when a swift response is critical.

From creating crisis response plans for a major energy company to running crisis communications for a G-20 Economic Summit, we are leading crisis communications practitioners. Just as we know how to promote your organization, we know how to protect it with tested crisis management and response practices that tamp down problematic reactions from employees, customers, shareholders, government regulators and competitors. All of these people – and the news media – will want to know what’s happening.

“A crisis can test even the best of managers. In a flash, the lightning speed of misinformation can spread through social media or word of mouth, placing your good reputation at risk. Communication becomes critical. It’s important to take ownership, but suddenly conventional controls don’t make sense.”
– Sandra Tolliver

We go anywhere in the world at any time to protect our clients. We predict the next crisis that could make or break your reputation and work with your team to preserve your reputation and get your business operations back to usual.

Our crisis communications services include:

Preparedness and Readiness

Preparing your response is one of the most important parts of any crisis response plan. Whether you’re a major corporation or a high-profile individual, it pays to think three steps ahead. Our crisis planning services include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Crisis communications strategy development
  • Crisis communications plans
  • Crisis communications response manuals
  • Crisis communications management training and simulations
  • Media training

Crisis Response

Thanks to social media, when a crisis springs up, the PR fallout can be swift and merciless. Our 24/7 crisis response team gives you full-scale tactical and strategic communications support. Our crisis response services include:

  • Deployment of 24/7/365 rapid-response crisis management team
  • Message development (social media messages, statements, press releases, articles and more)
  • Media and governmental relations
    Social media management and monitoring
  • Online reputation management
    Stakeholder ally development (leading collaborative efforts to have others communicate your efforts)
  • Activation of crisis response “War Room”

Post-Crisis Recovery

  • Communications impact assessment
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Change management
  • Reputation management and restoration