physical security assessment/red team testing

L.A.R.E.S. Assessment

Lares Active Risk Exposure System Assessment. This state of the art system of exposing information security risks quickly and directly identifies key corporate assets and their current protection strengths. This unique assessment identifies the real world weakness and strengths of the clients protection systems on all levels of security posture (physical, logical, electronic, social, environmental and business process/structure). The result of this assessment enables clients to find out their true level of defense against generic and sophisticated attacks. Lares will then build a protection and remediation strategy to enable the business to operate in a more secure and efficient manner.

Physical Security Testing

The process begins with a characterization of the facility including identification of the undesired events and the respective critical assets. Guidance for defining a design basis threat is included, as well as for using the definition of the threat to estimate the likelihood of adversary attack at a specific facility. Upon determination the engineers attempt to understand the ability to carry out stated attacks on facility to include, but not limited to:

  • Lock Picking
  • Magnetic Door brute forcing
  • Alarm system avoidance
  • Ventilation system entrance
  • Social engineering
  • Tailing
  • Procurement of badge access
  • Solicitation
  • Access System bypass
  • Camera redirection