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Getting Hands-On With Haiti's First Modern Hospital

Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (HAS) is the first modern hospital to reach the western hemisphere’s most challenged country of Haiti. It was founded in the 1950’s by Larry Mellon, who was inspired by the medical pioneer, Dr. Albert Schwetizer and his work to bring modern medical care to Africa. Huss Group was challenged with the task of getting this long-standing organization noticed in order to improve development efforts ahead of their 60th anniversary.

When we unraveled how we could best help, it turned out that our very own CEO, who was visiting the hospital for story discovery, needed to get hands on.

HAS’s development director held a brainstorming session with Huss Group. It lead to this key fact: people within donor networks who have resources to give almost always give if they are able to get to the hospital, meet the medical professionals and experience the impact first-hand. But, ┬áthe word ‘Haiti’ can carry with it feelings of insecurity – though, not always true, as Joanna experienced. In fact, staff at HAS have a volunteer and guest program that is top-notch. A Landrover pick you up at the airport and you drive on mostly newly paved roads to the former home of Gwen and Larry Mellon, which is a living art museum and an ode to Frank Lloyd Wright’s top apprentice’s architecture and design. And, of course, seeing how families are helped and the need that is dire is absolutely life changing. This experience needed to be communicated visually. So here we have Joanna Huss, who in additional to executing story placement like this magazine piece, narrated a 10 minute video about what it’s like to be a first-time visitor to HAS . The video is sent to any donor prospect who wishes to visit HAS, but needs a little bit of confidence.

Editor’s note: The story of this hospital’s founding is remarkable and inspirational – something you can eloquently read about in this narrative non-fiction by Barry Paris.