What’s in a name? A lot, when you peel back the layers.

Job placement in HVAC: 100%. Graduation rate: 85%. These numbers, if put against traditional four-year school colleges, would blow them away. And we didn’t mention student loan debt, job placement and post-graduation salaries. Skilled-labor education in many cases has stronger results than four-year colleges, where graduation rates hover at 25%. So why shouldn’t these nonprofit institutions be called a college, and the hard-working students who complete their programs, college graduates?

We agreed with Rosedale Tech’s President Dennis Wilke who changed the name from Rosedale Technical Institute to Rosedale Technical College. We kicked off the name change with a press conference, inviting news media and key stakeholders who are critical to the institution’s success (think politicians, workforce development leaders and high school guidance counselors). Over the course of the next year, we strategically placed media stories throughout the region on Rosedale’s curriculum – from welding, to women working in trades, to career fairs. Our favorite? A front page top of the fold story on Rosedale’s work to support students who are military veterans.

We were happy to see that the team at Rosedale appreciates our efforts. They enlarged the 10+ media articles and hung  them on the walls of their auxiliary  room. There’s no better sales piece for institutions than objective news articles.

Key Takeaway

“We realized  success in media placement by telling emotional stories about the students impacted by Rosedale’s instruction . We worked with their media-buying teams to encourage use of the objective, earned-media on paid media channels. Politicians do this all of the time, quoting endorsements from newspapers; why don’t more organizations do this?” – Joanna Huss, Founder & CEO