National Nonprofit

Building Awareness for a Reinvented National Icon In a New Media Age

In the 1980s, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Founder Candace Lightner was a household name after leading advocacy efforts to change an entire culture’s perception of drinking and driving. 729…

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Fortune 500

Back to school in happier classrooms: PPG brings color and vitality to neighborhoods

In many communities, child care centers and schools struggle to keep their doors open. Their facilities are old; their resources strained. Enter PPG and its signature COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ program, a…

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What’s in a name? A lot, when you peel back the layers.

Job placement in HVAC: 100%. Graduation rate: 85%. These numbers, if put against traditional four-year school colleges, would blow them away. And we didn’t mention student loan debt, job placement…

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Book Publicity

More Than Just A Cookbook: The Art of Telling Your Unique Story

Tricia Cohen and Lisa Graves had a story to tell beyond those of the medieval feasts in their cookbook, “A Thyme and Place: Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern…

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