National Nonprofit

Building Awareness for a Reinvented National Icon In a New Media Age

In the 1980s, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Founder Candace Lightner was a household name after leading advocacy efforts to change an entire culture’s perception of drinking and driving. 729…

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Fortune 500

Back to school in happier classrooms: PPG brings color and vitality to neighborhoods

In many communities, child care centers and schools struggle to keep their doors open. Their facilities are old; their resources strained. Enter PPG and its signature COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ program, a…

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Emerging Company

Two Disrupters, One Common Problem

Huss Group has worked with several emerging companies who share the common problem of getting noticed in a crowded field. Most hire us to help them ‘launch’ or place strategic…

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What’s in a name? A lot, when you peel back the layers.

Job placement in HVAC: 100%. Graduation rate: 85%. These numbers, if put against traditional four-year school colleges, would blow them away. And we didn’t mention student loan debt, job placement…

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International NGO

Getting Hands-On With Haiti's First Modern Hospital

Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (HAS) is the first modern hospital to reach the western hemisphere’s most challenged country of Haiti. It was founded in the 1950’s by Larry Mellon, who…

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Book Publicity

More Than Just A Cookbook: The Art of Telling Your Unique Story

Tricia Cohen and Lisa Graves had a story to tell beyond those of the medieval feasts in their cookbook, “A Thyme and Place: Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern…

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Real Estate

CNN International Visits Bakery Square

Joanna Huss worked for Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl in 2008, when Bakery Square was just a big idea that hit during the height of the economic recession. But with a…

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