Social PR Process

Business stories aren’t just broadcast anymore; they’re shared.

Here’s a snapshot of our proprietary process.

1. Business Development & Story Discovery 2-4 weeks

process-discoveryWe interview key internal and external stakeholders and complete a business development and marketing/media competitive landscape analysis. This enables us to learn everything there is to know about how your organization is perceived, how closely the reality of the products and services matches your customers’ current and future needs and discover untold story opportunities. We look at what kind of reporting has occurred in your industry, in traditional and nontraditional outlets. We examine a cross-section of your competitors, regionally and internationally, to see how they communicate successes. We set up benchmarks to measure your future PR/marketing success against the highest “positive” in your sphere.

One of the top questions we ask: If you had a magic wand, where would your organization be in five years? Our business development and marketing strategy plays off this vision.

2. Pitch or Press Event Creation 1-3 weeks


Armed with information from our discovery process, we craft up to three of your top business development opportunities – whether it’s service offerings you should ramp up or top initiatives to develop or promote – that will set you ahead of your competitor group. The strategies we help you define all have one thing in common: they uniquely solve your clients’ problems.

We work with your team to update your internal and external marketing and branding and we work on strategic story pitches that will define your organization’s unique qualities and pique media interest. The “5 Ws” — who, what, where, when and why — are imbedded in all story creation, but the type of stories we like to discover also include these qualities:

Emotional and Relatable

How have customers, clients or stakeholders been affected by your organization’s initiatives, short and long term? Who can we engage in telling your organization’s story for you? Can your targets relate to these people and is the story emotional?

Disrupting Status Quo

How is your organization going against the grain and why? Who stands to lose or win from this effort?

New and Different

How is your organization changing and why? Is your organization facing new challenges that impact routine patterns? How is your organization using innovations to adapt to a changing environment?

Press or Special Event Creation 2-4 weeks

Many clients seek our help in getting a media “splash” as they launch an initiative or startup. We’re experts at putting on seamless events that maximize media, community and government exposure. After we discover what is unique about your effort, we create an event that everyone — not just the media — wants to attend.

Here are three things critical to a successful event:



Who should be there, other than the media, to give your announcement more clout? Which community, business and government leaders can we invite? Whose voices can we add to this story to make it more powerful?



Where and when should we hold this event in order to maximize the media visuals and add to the holistic story we are communicating?



What action item can we orchestrate so that print photographers and TV and online videographers capture a visual that entices them and communicates your efforts?

3. Media & Influencer Targeting 2-3 weeks

process-targetingWe believe that creating valuable relationships, with media and others, gives organizations a competitive edge. After we craft your story pitches or press event, we research media outlets and social influencers who are most likely to care about your story. And after we define these targets, we get creative on how best to reach them. Each outlet is unique in terms of its decision-makers, and we make sure that we reach the person who will influence coverage. The result? We create our “hero” list of publications and pitch your unique story exhaustively.
Key questions we ask during this process include:

  • Which media does your number one stakeholder or target read, watch or listen to?
  • Who will be your key spokesperson(s) and does this person need media training?


4. Owned-Media and Marketing Strategy Development 2-5 weeks

It’s critical that you leverage your “owned media” (your organization’s social media pages, newsletters and website) to proliferate story placement. We might work for months to land a big feature in a national publication. Then what? People are busy and distracted. You need to polish that earned-media “gold” through your owned channels, so that it shines and gets notice. But what if you don’t have robust owned media? We’ll help you build your online presence.

Other key questions we’ll ask:

  • How can we work with your media buyers to leverage top stories placed in paid advertisements?
  • How can we work with your social teams to “boost” story placement to targets and impact SEO?
  • What brand influencers need to know your story?


5. Story Placement and Social PR Sharing

After working through the first four steps of the Premo social PR process, we are ready to pitch to our hero list. We keep you informed along the way as we receive interest. We’ll organize and prepare you for media interviews. For national and global clients, we’ll travel to be with you before and during media interviews so that you are prepared. We want producers and reporters to have a phenomenal experience working with your organization (we want them to follow up!). For our press event clients, we prepare with message points, offer media training, and work with media and influencers ahead of time to position your story.

Before a story hits the news or a press event occurs, we work with your social media and marketing teams to pre-script online posts. Once the story lands, we work with your teams to write communications that are posted immediately on your owned media channels. We’ll encourage social media teams to ask brand influencers to share the news story, and we prepare short, witty social communications that make the job easy.


6. Media Monitoring and PR Leverage

process-leverageWe know the players in the media and we know how newsrooms work. We may work with a reporter to produce a great story but find the digital team wrote a headline that’s completely unfit for the story. We know who to ask to change that. We’ll monitor coverage and collaborate with news organizations to ensure they get all aspects of your story correct.

In addition, we’ll work with your organization on the best ways to leverage one story into future news stories. Our strategy includes sharing the news story on LinkedIn or with trade journals, bloggers or niche reporters who write about the topic.