Getting Noticed Today

The Face of PR & Public Affairs Has Changed

joanna-talkingThere’s one question every small business, corporation or nonprofit should ask itself every day: How are we communicating our impact?

The problem is this not only takes time but is more complicated to do in today’s disrupted business and media landscape. Business owners faced less threats from startups whom, thanks to technology, have lower startup costs and easier access to capital. Old-school public relations connected people with major media outlets and placed stories. But today, if a paper or media outlet hasn’t filed for bankruptcy, chances are it’s cash-strapped. What does this mean for PR? The supply of great stories keeps increasing, but the demand is lower because there are fewer traditional reporters. And by the way, those press releases you put out? The media doesn’t read them. An entire new approach is needed.

Your Challenge

challenge-iconYou need to get a big initiative or effort noticed in order to grow and reach more customers. Your brand reputation is waning — as rivals get attention. You’re busy running your operation and need an expert to develop a business development and PR/marketing strategy and run with it. But you need someone who understands today’s environment and will make it easy for you to get noticed.

Our Solution

solution-iconMany see the changing business and media landscape as a problem, but we see opportunity. Yesterday’s public relations approach doesn’t work in today’s hyper-social environment. So we redefined it. We work with you to discover, communicate and make your initiatives and stories “stick” with the right audiences and those who influence social media. We ensure your social media and other “owned” channels are up-to-date and we gather intelligence from your current and future customers on how much, how often and on what channels they want you to communicate to them. And, when we place those credible media stories, we can leverage them strategically. Reporters and editors tend to ignore emails and press releases, so we reach journalists and brand influencers through untraditional ways such as social media.  Our social PR approach ensures that stories aren’t just “broadcasted” but shared.

We place stories with major media outlets such as Wall Street Journal or Good Morning America, but we don’t forget about niche news sites and blogs with tens of millions of followers.